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There’s something about the Tel Aviv smile. An inviting, seductive smile that both draws you in and then gets you carried away… The air, the energies, the buzz. The power to lure people in, entice them with its charm and get them to keep coming back, and then there are those people Who love Tel Aviv on their own terms. That like to keep Tel Aviv close, but also choose when to keep their distance. People that have found a place to call their own, in Tel Aviv.
The Golf Complex Tailor Made Living

The Golf Complex was designed with the “urban design” concept in mind, which refers to a residential project firstly as a public space incorporating: a square, a park, commerce, offices and residence. This planning makes the living experience at the complex an experience influenced by all its elements. This experience characterizes an urban space which contains a full life – community, culture, society and business, creating constant motion. The Golf Complex has around 190 apartments in two 17-floor towers and two 8-floor buildings, spreading over 20 dunam alongside commerce and office areas. These surround a 3-dunam urban part, located at the center of the complex for the welfare of its tenants.


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Acro Real-Estate specializes in identifying attractive investments in wanted areas across Israel, and bettering them by branding and separating the implementation of the projects, which guarantee increasing the value of assets compared with the competition.
Acro has initiated and constructed a wide variety of luxurious projects for residence, commerce and offices, from classic buildings via restoration and reconstruction projects, innovative towers and the construction of neighborhoods in Tel Aviv

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